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2011 Brochure Available Online and other News

WOW! What a great winter we have been having here at Holden Beach, NC. Our staff here at Alan Holden Vacations worked very hard this past fall to get out our newest rental brochure for the 2011 vacation rental season. Our brochures were completed, printed and mailed out a few days before Christmas 2010. If you were wanting to get one, and did not get one in the mail, you can download and print it right off our website. Just go right to our Alan Holden Vacations and click on the brochure in the upper left corner of the page. Here you can browse the brochure, click on a home for more information and it will take it to the house description page right on our website. From there you can book right online!!

You folks up north who have been fighting the severe snow storms this winter, you should start thinking about the our 95 degree, sunny weather here on the island. Start thinking about that cold drink in your hand while lounging in your beach chair listening to the seagulls sing their songs. Gently gazing out onto the smooth 84 degree ocean water with knee high waves gently lap onto the shore. Ahhhhhhhh, seems like your paradise is not that far off in the future. To be sure you are able to make it to the beach this summer, now is the perfect time to start making your beach plans with your friends and family.

It looks like the number of reservations are picking up in the rental market! Our reservations for the upcoming 2011 rental season are ahead of last years numbers. If you are wanting to wait until the last minute to make a reservation and come to the beach, it is possible you may have a harder time finding a place that will meet your requirements. All the snow storms up north have seemed to have sparked an earlier rush in the beach rentals for this summer. Everyone is wanting to “just get away from it all”.

The sales market here in the Brunswick County area and Southern Brunswick Islands seems to be picking up as well. More foot traffic has been increasing in our RE/MAX at the Beach offices. Speaking of RE/MAX at the Beach we have opened a new sales office in the southern part of Brunswick county. The new office in now located within the Sea Trail Golf community down near the Sunset Beach, NC and the Ocean Isle Beach area. You can read more about it in the previous post on this blog. The opening of this office assures you as a seller or buyer that we have all of the surrounding areas covered. Due to our remarkable and experienced agents, we will have you in the house of your dreams in no time!

Alan Holden Realty Office North Carolina

Our new RE/MAX at the Beach sales office in Sea Trail

Our sales office has grown a little more in last month! Alan Holden Vacations and RE/MAX at the Beach are proud to announce the opening of our new sales office located within the Sea Trail community at Sunset Beach, NC. We opened this office to help serve the golfing community of Sea Trail and surrounding areas. Our new office is located right across the street from the convention center in Sea Trail. Please give our professional and experienced agents a call if you are thinking about buying or selling in the area.

You can find our location by putting our address in your GPS at:
80 Mill Pond Rd.
Sunset Beach, NC 28470

To see if we have anything that interests you, please visit our sales site to search our listings. Our sales page is In the upper left corner of the page, there is a drop down menu. Please choose “Subdivision” and in the blank box put in “Sea Trail”. Hit “Go” and there you can view out all of our listings in Sea Trail.

We hope this will help us serve you better. Remember, “Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX”.


So long Hurricane Earl! Hello Festival By The Sea!

Whew! That was really a close call from Hurricane Earl a few days ago. Just wanted to get the word out there on the World Wide Web that Holden Beach did NOT get hit by Earl. We received just a few drops of light rain and some winds blowing around 25 mph from the North on Thursday. I was off work the day Earl passed us by so I was out surfing on the 8-12 foot waves that were produced. The ocean was mostly glassy except for the large swells. It was truly a “surfer’s paradise”.

Earl is long gone and this Labor Day weekend is absolutely beautiful! Come on down and see is this fall and stay for a weekend. We are now offering partial week rentals with a 2 night minimum stay. Please don’t forget to make your weekend reservations now for our yearly Festival By The Sea. The dates this year are October 30 & 31 2010. It is the last full weekend in October. Give us a call at 800-720-2200 for your reservation!

The Holden Beach Merchants Association hosts this very popular “NC Festival by the Sea.” This 2 day events is kicked off with a parade down the Holden Beach causeway. This is the only day of the year that you can walk across the Holden Beach bridge and each year several hundred take that high altitude stroll to stake out the perfect spot to view the parade. Arts and Crafts vendors are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sat. and 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sun. You’ll want to plan to be on site for at least a couple of meals and a snack or two, just to sample a tiny portion of the food on hand. For the competitive sort, there is a horseshoe tournament and a sandcastle building contest. Children enjoy face painting, huge kites flying overhead and the children’s rides and amusements. There is live musical entertainment both days at Holden Beach’s Pavilion under the bridge.

The 2009 Festival by the Sea hosted two new events: a Surf Off and a Grom Fest, as well as a King Mackerel Fishing Tournament. Both events had some great prizes and proved to be a lot of fun.


Hot Summer Temperatures & Fall Weekend Rentals

Whew!! I guess the big news this summer is the heat. What is up with this weather? These last few weeks the the average temperature here at Holden Beach has been around 92 degrees with a heat index of over 100 degrees. Combine that with the humidity and it feels like you are living in a sauna. It has been so hot that my family go to the beach between 9am and 12pm.

If you are headed this way, please make sure you bring some really strong WATERPROOF sunblock because as much as you will sweat, you will need it. Also, please remember to bring some hats for the kids as well. Don’t forget to bring a cooler and a large strong umbrella to block those hot summer rays. Sometimes those summer SW winds get pretty strong and can be a pain. One important thing to remember…if it is cloudy you still need to wear your sunblock. I have been burnt pretty bad on those cloudy days.

We will begin booking for Fall weekends on August 21, 2010. If you are looking to get away just for a few days, please give us a call and get a great rate on an oceanfront home! Our number is 910-842-6061 or 800-720-2200.

Surfing at Holden Beach Vacations

Gulf Coast Oil Spill

First off, our company wants to wish the best for the families and businesses of those who reside in the area where the oil is affecting. Our hearts go out to all of you at this critical and stressful time. We all hope that the well is plugged very soon and effective measures are taken to keep the threat of the oil and damages to a minimum. It really bothers me to know that so many livelihoods are being destroyed because of it.

We have been getting a lot of calls in the past week or so from people who usually visit and vacation along the areas of Louisiana, the Florida panhandle, and Mississippi asking for information on our area. I would guess that 75% of those calling are not really familiar with our beaches and the charm we have here in southern Brunswick County. Those calling are telling us that they are scared as to what to is going to happen with their already made vacation plans in the effected areas.

So…I thought I would give a short description about our beach. Our area is well known for its low-key atmosphere, quite and serene surroundings. Holden Beach, NC is a small 8 mile long island that does not have ANY high rise hotels or buildings. Only one small grocery store and a few small shops are on the island. If you are looking for something to do with the kids, we have small putt-putt courses, local museums, and much more that are close by. Also, we are only 30 minutes to the north of Myrtle Beach, SC and 30 minutes to the south of Wilmington, NC. Myrtle Beach, SC of course is well known all over the world for their beautiful golf courses. Holden Beach is in a perfect location for warm sunny weather and having literally 100 golf courses within an hours drive. The closest golf course to Holden Beach is called Lockwood Folly Golf Course and it is located only 3 miles from our beautiful white sandy beach. The 18 hole, par 72 Willard Byrd designed course measures 6836 yards from the tips and has a rating of 73.9 with a slope of 140. The front tees provide a distance of 5029 yards for a rating of 71.1 with a slope of 122. Whatever a player’s ability level, Lockwood Folly Golf Course will provide one with an unforgettable round of golf. In a way, this can be considered the “Holden Beach Home Course”. Grab your clubs and do a few rounds!

Holden Beach, NC is truly a sparkling gem nestled on the deep blue Atlantic Ocean coastline and was voted one of the Top 10 Family Beaches in the US” by National Geographic, TRAVELER Magazine. Please, visit us at and see what we have to offer. You can reserve one of our homes online if you prefer.

If you are looking for an alternative vacation destination, please consider Holden Beach, NC. Families have been bringing their children to vacation here for more than 50 years. Now, those children are bringing their children to make lifetime memories.

Again, we wish the best for those people being affected by the devestation of the oil spill.


Summer is coming up FAST! 2010 Vacation Rental Brochure

What beautiful weather we have been having the last 2 weeks! It looks like Easter weekend will be around 80 degrees and sunny. Come on over and see us for the weekend. If you have not made you summer plans yet, you still have time to snag a beach house before we are booked up.

We have our 2010 vacation rental brochure on our site now. It can be downloaded and then printed at home if you like. Or you just want to browse through it to see if you see anything that suits your family needs. You can view the brochure by going to our site then clicking on the link on the left side that says “Request a FREE Brochure”. Or if you prefer, here is a direct link to our online brochure

We finally got the bugs out of our live streaming webcam. Most of the focusing issues have been resolved. So if you are not at the beach, you can join us virtually!



It is that time of the year when the SW winds blow almost constantly making the ocean full of small whitecaps with the summer sun pressing down on us. There are some fish biting if you want to hop on a day charter and go offshore for a few miles. Fishing is a popular past time here in Brunswick County NC.

For those who are not aware, my dad and I fish on the S.K.A. (Southern Kingfish Association) Professional Kingfish Tour. We start in January in Key West, FL and make several stops up and down the east coast and Fourchon, LA with the Nationals in Biloxi, MS coming in November. The tour this year has about 65 boats that compete against each other down from about 105 boats two years ago.

A little over a week ago we had our 4th stop on the Pro Tour. We stopped for the weekend in St. Simons, GA. While we were doing the Pro tournament, they were have a local King Mackerel torunament. You can fish both tournaments if you like, you just have to pay extra to enter.

My 8 year old son has really become obsessed with fishing in the last year or so. I did not mention the possibility of him going to this tournament. I waited until the last day while watched the marine forecast really closely before asking if he wanted to go. The weather looked like it would be clear the day before we left so I decided it would be a great experience for him. He said “Yes!”. Up until this past weekend he had only been offshore fishing once and that was about 5 miles off the beach. This time…it was going to be different…..way diferent.

We get up on the tournament days around 4am since we have to be at the checkin dock by 6:30am. We checked out and went to catch some live Pogy’s to use for bait. After we loaded up, we headed offshore about 50 miles to find us a nice spot we had found on some charts and some past experience. The ocean was mostly calm with seas ranging from 1-3 ft with light winds and the temps hovering around 93 degrees. We did catch a few smaller kings weighing about of 12 lbs or so. This will not do you any good in a Pro tournament. To give you an idea, in the GA area or the NC area this time of year you usually need one at least in the mid to upper 20 lb range to even think about keeping the fish. Since the tournament is a 2 day event, you can only weigh your best fish each day to give a 2 day total weight. While fishing ran into a nice school of Mahi-Mahi. They started following the boat and started eating up our bait. Now…this is good for fun fishing but not what we want for tournament days. We caught a few Mahi-Mahi’s and threw them in the boat to eat later for dinner. My son, got a nice one on and fought it with all he had in him. He had never caught anything really over a pound or two. So when this 20 lb Mahi-Mahi started screaming 200 yards of line off the reel in about 45 seconds his eyes really lit up! We helped him hold the pole but he brought it in all on his own. Finally…we got him to the boat and stuck the gaff in him.

Later in the same day, we kept picking through the fish one by one. Finally we landed a King Mackerel that weighed right at 20 lbs and got him to the boat quickly. You have to get the fish in fast because if you don’t there is that chance that a large shark or barracuda could eat your fish. If you have a 40 plus pound King Mackerel on your line and it does get eaten or a bite taken out of it…..that could cost you losing the tournament which could pay up to $60,000 and more. There are serious stakes to be won. As the day ended, we had to be back at checkin by 5pm or you can not weigh your best fish. We got back, weighed in and went home to rest for the night.

The next day we began again at 4 am and got to the checkout boat at 6:30 am to head offshore. Again, we decided to make another 50 mile run to see if we could find the elusive “Big One” that we needed. The weather was better than the day before with seas being around 1-2 ft with very light wind. Most of the day was quiet until around lunch when we had a King sky on our live bait. It came out of the water about 8 feet before realizing we had him on the line. He peeled off about 100 yards of line in about 20 seconds flat then the line went limp. He bit through the line and he was gone. We were sick but there was nothing we could do.

About an hour later we finally had another good bite. Usually you can tell when you have a good fish on by how fast the line peels off and the sound of the “clicker” on the reel. Also, the larger fish head offshore to deeper water as soon as they realize they have a hook in their mouth. We got a good fish and we literally chased him down for about 25-30 minutes. You have to follow the fish as it is going offshore and reel the line in as fast as you can without allowing slack in the line. Finally…we got over him and put the gaff in his back. We pulled him in the boat and with a sigh of relief we were much happier. At the end of the day it was the biggest one we had on this trip. We headed back to the scales to see how we would do. We made it back to checkin with only about 2 minutes to spare. They stick to this rule! If you are 50 yards short of coming across the checkin line and time runs out…you can’t weigh your fish.

Our fish on the second day weighed in at 34.45 lbs. Pretty dang good for these waters. We ended up in 8th place for the local tournament out of about 125 boats. I am not sure where we ended up in the Pro’s but it was somewhere around 14th place out of about 60 boats. Right now, overall we are in 16th place out of 65 boats or so.

My son had the time of his life catching all these big fish and going out 50 miles. The next stop on the tour is right in our backyard. It will be in Little River, SC in October. Last year, we placed fourth and won a little bit of money. I can promise you…we spend more than we win as do most of the teams. If the economy keeps going the way it has, we may not be doing this again next year. Hopefully the weather will be nice and my son will get to join us again on our next quest for the “Big One”.


That time of year again….

I guess I am not the best at blogging and keeping it updated like I should. Of course many of you know it is hard to find time between your job, family, sports for the kids and all that. So…..I saw I have not updated this blog in a long while and thought it was needing to be done.

It is that time of year again that Spring is in the air and Summer is right around the corner. The weather has been great and the ocean has been calm. This weekend it is suppose to be 79 degrees! I can’t wait for the water to get up to 80 degrees and then it will be even better. For those thinking about wanting to come to Holden Beach this weekend, give us a call as we have some great last minute specials that some homeowners have authorized us to do.

The spring beach nourishment program has finally been halted until after the summer season. The beach strand looks great!

Bluegrass music lovers will enjoy Saturday, May 23rd at 2pm at the pavilion under the bridge for a bluegrass festival. This is the first of what is hoped to become an annual event that will bring people here to enjoy all that Holden Beach has to offer.

In the fishing department, it has been excellent recently according to local boaters. Wahoo, Tuna, Dolphin, and bottom fish have been plentiful. Even Flounder have started biting inshore. If you are wondering if it is worth the trip to come down to do some fishing, you better get your plans ready and come on before they stop biting.

The sales market seems to beginning to be picking up for the most part finally. There are some really good deals in the area if you are looking for investment, or retirement or permanent home. You can find our sales site and please check our daily surf report and live cam on our rentals site at

We hope to see you here at Holden Beach very soon!


More Snow at Holden Beach….

My wife and I got up this morning at 6:30 a.m. to get our kids up and ready for school. I looked outside and saw that it was cloudy with the sun peeking out every few minutes…but nothing unusual. Then I turned on the weather on and it said we could see some flurries along with some high winds. Again, I thought nothing of it. We got the kids up and fed and left the house to take them to school which is about 10 miles away. We left house at 7:35 a.m. As we were returning back to the beach we noticed a few flakes beginning to fall. Within 20 minutes of leaving home the temperature dropped from 36 to 31 degrees. The wind started blowing a little harder and the snowflakes got larger and larger. By 8:30 a.m. some accumulation was beginning to show on the car and on the ground. Slowly the ground was beginning to become covered. While it did snow pretty hard for about an hour it began to slowly let up as the morning passed. By 11:30 a.m. the sun was out, the temperature began to rise and the snow began to melt. In all, I would saw we got a nice dusting of maybe less than half an inch. It was fun but wish the kids could have been home to play in it a little while. This is the second time it has snowed at Holden Beach in the last 3 weeks. However this is the most we have had in a good while. The snow at Holden Beach was fun while it lasted.

We did get our 2009 vacation rental brochure available online for you to view and download to print out. You can also email the brochure to family and friends. Please take a look at our new sales site for RE/MAX at the Beach Of course you know there are some deals to be found on the island and mainland right now.

For those of you stuck in “real snow” now is the perfect time to begin planning your 2009 summer vactation to Holden Beach. While you are wrapped up by the fireplace, just think of those relaxing days of rubbing sunscreen on you legs and going to eat seafood at the local restuarants. Please give us a call now while there are openings available to rent a home for your vacation week.


Merry Christmas from Holden Beach, NC!

First and foremost we here at Alan Holden Vacations and RE/MAX at the Beach want to send you and your family warm beach wishes this holiday season and to have a very Merry Christmas. We hope you get everything you need and are you are able to spend time with all of your loved ones.

These past few weeks have been really busy for us here at our office. We did get our new 2009 rental brochures mailed to all of our past customers. They were mailed about a week before Thanksgiving. If you did not get the new 2009 rental brochure, please give us a call and let us know and we will be more than happy to send one to you. We are working on getting the new brochure on our website very soon. Once we get it online, you will be able to view and print it out at home at your convenience. Please go to our “Request a FREE Brochure” page to see if the new brochure is online.

Also, we are FINALLY excited to report that our four RE/MAX at the Beach offices have our new website up and running. The fast link to the web address is RE/MAX at the Beach There are a few minor issues that are needing to be worked out but we wanted to get it up and running before the holidays. That way when you have your new computer at home and it is snowing outside, you can think of how warm Holden Beach is (it is 75 degrees outside now!) and start planning your trip back to the beach. Begin planning on looking at some of our real estate and vacation homes that are for sale. Of course there are some REAL steals on the island right now!

When your family has dates set and your beach house confirmed for your next trip to the area think of the great memories you are making! In order to preserve those memories I suggest you give John Urban a call. He is a local photographer who does family portraits, weddings and receptions and just some general photography. He is a great photographer and his rates more than reasonable. John does our family photographs every year and we have always been extremely pleased with his work. You may want to call him at 910.233.7420 or email John at if you have any questions. If you would like to see some of his work, please visit his website at Blue Sky Photography. If you are thinking of getting married here in our area…his wedding photos are amazing! Please set up an appointment for the week you are here to have your memories captured. John usually books up early due to the high demand of his photos. I suggest you choose a day early in the week you are here in case of bad weather. You know how those summer thunderstorms pop up in the afternoons!

Holden Beach is now becoming more bicycle friendly for families in 2009 with designated bike trails! These local trails really are just part of the roads and sidewalks but they will be marked by signs and brochures that will be available to the public. Follow the brochure routes to learn about more information and the history of the island. You can learn cool things about the old Holden Beach airstrip on the east end of the island and about the Civil War shipwrecks located within swimming distance of the beach. These trails will have varying distances the total trails are about 20 miles long. To see a local news story please go to and please make sure you watch the video on that page along with the story.

Again, all the staff here at our office wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!