Polynesian Show at Holden Beach

This island is a great place to meet all of kinds of different people from different ages, backgrounds, history and culture. About 2 weeks ago ago we had a Polynesian Show under the bridge on the gazebo. The name of the group is called “Ohana”….meaning “family” in Hawaiian. The family was Maila (the mother) on uke and drums, Bruce (the father) on uke and drums, hula dancer Emma (a daughter), another hula dancer named Dore (a daughter), a third hula dancer named Ainslee (a friend), Jarrard (a cousin on Drums), and a friend named Arnold on guitar, and another friend on Guitar. Even the children of two of the dancers were involved in the show!

The show was part of the Holden Beach Merchant’s Association free Concerts on the Coast that occurs every Sunday night during the summer months. The show lasted about an hour and 40 minutes with a whole lotta shakin’ hips, singing and just having a good time. The turnout for the show was really good, but it began raining during part of the show and we lost some spectators. Most of the people hung around long enough to see the entire show. The group performed songs and dances from Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Tahiti and other places. Most of this family had been performing professional shows for years until several of them moved out to live in the Holden Beach area. This show was special treat for sure. For more info on how to book the family for a show in our area (wedding party, retirement party etc.) please contact me at Shane@atTheBeachNC.com and I can get you in touch with the family. To see more photos of the show Click on this link/

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Holden Beach on the Local TV News….

The local TV station out of Wilmington, NC called WWAY TV3, who travels around our part of the state during the summer months doing a series called “Cape Fear Pride”. It does a story on a town or island about once a week. This past week, we here at Holden Beach was chosen for this wonderful recognition. As most of you know, Holden Beach is known mostly for what we DON’T have. We do not have neon lights, high rise hotels, or any buidings over 35ft in height. The locals and town pride themselves as being known as “The Family Beach” due to our family atmosphere. Holden Beach has come a long way since it first got it’s name. The island use to be nothing but farm land basically for my great great grandparents. There was a small “creek” or very small river that ran just behind the island. The Intracoastal Waterway is man made and was built in the very early 1930’s. Before it was built, our family raised cows and goats and were allowed to roam the eastern part of the island. Then a few homes were built and sold. Holden Beach officially became a town on Feb. 14, 1969. Today Holden Beach is the permanent home to about 900 residents.

As for the story that was done by the local TV station, you can see the video here. At the 1 min. 16 second mark, you can get a quick glimpse of me talking with my father Alan Holden in the kitchen of our real estate office Alan Holden Vacations and RE/MAX at the Beach. The photos that were used in the story are from the book called “Holden Beach History”, which was written by my grandfather John F. Holden. You can buy this book and others from our office. Just give us a call at 800-720-2200 and tell us which one you want and we will be happy to mail it to you. You can see other books we have on this page.

If you are looking for more stories on the development of Holden Beach, be sure to read his second book called “The Beginning and Development of Holden Beach” that is on the same page as the other books. To get a sneak peak of what is inside please read this quick story…

I thought the news story was great and reflected our family values here on the island. For all of you who have visited here before, you do not need a news story to tell how great the island is…….you already know!

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