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Featured Property: Hold’n Calls

This month’s featured property is Hold’n Calls. A 4 bedroom, 2 bath home located at 487 Ocean Blvd. West in Holden Beach NC. You’re going to feel so relaxed just gazing out the back door and seeing how close to the oceanfront you are. With your own private walkway to the beach, there’s nothing stopping you from scheduling beach time multiple times a day.

Featured Property: Hold'n Calls

This oceanfront, single family home, provides bed linens to guests staying for the week during mid- and prime seasons. Accommodating up to 12 people comfortably, you’ll be able to bring some friends along with you this trip. You’re sure to enjoy the amenities such as high speed wireless internet, DVD player, and a washer/dryer in the home. Outdoor features of the home include a covered porch, outside shower, sun deck and panoramic views from the widow’s peak.

This coastal vacation rental comes fully furnished with everything you’ll need for a comfortable stay while you’re here. The kitchen is well equipped for preparing meals on site for any number of people. Don’t settle for a hotel this year where you’ll have to go out for all of your meals. Having the convenience of a kitchen in your rental will save you not just money but time too!

Featured Property: Hold'n Calls

When you choose Hold’n Calls for your accommodations you’ll be situated close to the fishing pier, ice cream shop and a small grocery store. The convenience of having easy access to anything you may need from the store is priceless. If you qualify, be sure to ask about our Military Discount and/or Senior Discount.

If you’re interested in more details about this property or any others that you see on our website, give Holden Beach Vacations a call at 800-720-2200 or 910-842-6061. We can also be reached through the Contact Us form on our website. We’d love to hear from you to discuss your future vacation plans and how we may help you!


Vacationing with Your Baby

For first-time parents vacationing with a baby there are some things you need to know to ensure your baby is happy and safe. When you make your reservations for one of our vacation rentals be sure you let us know if you will be bringing your baby along. Some rentals come with baby equipment (cribs, highchairs, play yards, etc.) at no extra charge. When you’re browsing different properties check the list of amenities to be sure baby gear is available. If not, you’ll need to either bring your own, rent some locally or choose one of our other rental properties.

Vacationing with Your Baby in Tow

With a little well-planned effort, vacationing with your baby can be a pleasant and fun-filled event. Honest! Just remember that as long as your baby’s basic needs are met they’ll be pretty happy to go anywhere you’re going. Just be sure to keep them on their eating and sleeping schedule and all should work out well.

Here are some tips that may help you with your plans for traveling with your baby. You’ll probably find that some of our vacation rentals are more suitable to a family with a baby than others so take your time and look over what we have.

  • Choosing the Best Time. Try to schedule your flights when the baby normally naps. Walk and play with the baby while in the airport. More energy exerted while off the plane will be less energy the baby exerts while on the plane. Your fellow passengers will thank you.
  • Keep to a Schedule. While you’re on vacation try to maintain the schedule you have at home as closely as possible. That means the time you wake up and go to sleep, the time you eat meals, and when naptime is. Don’t throw caution to the wind just because you’re on vacation. Your baby doesn’t know the difference and won’t understand the change.

Vacationing with Your Baby in Tow

  • Bring baby’s favorites. If your baby is used to a musical stuffed animal at bedtime, a special blanket, pacifier or certain toys, be sure to bring them along on vacation with you.
  • Ask First. Does the rental where you’ll be staying provide sleeping arrangements for babies? Ask about car seats from the car rental agency, too.
  • Stay Calm. Don’t stress out getting ready for your trip. Stay calm, move slowly, and the baby will stay relaxed.

Vacationing with Your Baby in Tow

  • Less is More. With babies the rule really is “Less is more.” Don’t over stimulate the baby. Provide a quiet and comfortable space for them to take their naps and if needed, lay down with them. Afternoon naps improve the chances of a quality evening but don’t let them sleep an excessive amount of time.
  • Use Sunscreen. Because you’re visiting a coastal location be sure to keep babies out of the midday sun. Dress them in hats and lightweight clothing. Apply sunscreen to any areas of skin showing and consider renting a cabana or sun tent to shield everyone from the sun.
  • Babyproof Everything. If your baby is mobile, be sure to baby proof your accommodations immediately upon arriving.

Follow these tips and there is no reason why you can’t have a wonderful time with your baby on your vacation. Once your accommodations have been fully baby proofed you can get on with the pleasure of having an enjoyable and relaxing beach vacation as a family. If we can answer any questions you may have about your upcoming vacation please don’t hesitate to call us at Holden Beach Vacations at 800-720-2200 or 910-842-6061.


Keeping Your Pets Safe Throughout the Holidays

The holidays are such a delightful time of year, filled with happy anticipation and joyous celebrations with family and friends. There are trees all a glitter with lights and ornaments and tinsel, too. This time of year can be especially hazardous for our pets so it’s important to keep a close eye out on what they’re up to. Help your pets celebrate the season this year whether you’re at home or in one our holiday vacation rentals by protecting them from these holiday hazards:

Keeping Your Pets Safe Throughout the Holidays

* Mistletoe, holly, poinsettias and Christmas lilies are all toxic to pets. If you’re using holiday plants to decorate your dining table, move them to a location that’s out of reach to pets.

* Tape down electrical cords for holiday lights to prevent your pets for chewing on them out of boredom. Always unplug tree lights before leaving home.

* Secure your Christmas tree to the wall or ceiling to prevent it from falling on pets or with them in it. Cats are curious enough that many try climbing up inside looking for a comfortable place to sit.

* Never allow pets to drink water from the Christmas tree holder.

Keeping Your Pets Safe Throughout the Holidays

* Keep tinsel and other ornaments well out range of pets. Cats in particular like to play with tinsel, and some will eat it, which will block their intestines. Pets can mistake ornaments for toy balls, and shards from broken glass ornaments can cause injury to mouths and paws.

* To reduce stress, maintain the normal routines of your pets whether traveling or entertaining at home. Even when vacationing walk your dogs as you always do. Serve their meals at regular times and make sure fresh water is always available to them.

Keeping Your Pets Safe Throughout the Holidays

* Many holiday foods that are fine for people can make pets seriously ill. Macadamia nuts can cause muscular weakness, depression, vomiting, disorientation, tremors, abdominal pain and muscle stiffness in dogs. Chocolate can be fatal; ingesting as little as 1/4 ounce can cause vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, hyperactivity and increase thirst, urination and heart rate. Be safe and keep these items up and out of reach.

Whether you’re staying home this holiday or traveling, there’s no reason your pets can’t have a safe and merry Christmas, too!


Spending the Holidays in Holden Beach NC

When it comes to holidays, not everyone has a large family nearby to celebrate the occasion with. For some, family is a long distance away and some simply can’t afford the time or expense to travel there. Too many others are estranged from family members for one reason or another. There are many people that simply don’t celebrate the holidays in any meaningful way at all. Well, we believe that it’s never too late to begin a new tradition.Spending the Holidays in Holden Beach


These days, many things are being redefined from the way we’ve always known things to be. Change is a good thing, right? Nothing says we have to celebrate Thanksgiving by bringing our family around the table to have a meal together. Sure, it’s the traditional way of celebrating it but new traditions within families are being developed all the time. Maybe it’s time for your family to make some.


We can’t think of any better place to start a new tradition than to celebrate a holiday in one of our Holden Beach vacation rental homes. The first year it could be just your immediate family. In subsequent years, you can invite extended family or just your friends. Some people join with other couples to celebrate and enjoy a weekend together. It’s a memorable way to spend a holiday.


Our home rentals are available right on the ocean or set back from it. All come fully furnished and beautifully decorated with beach decor. We provide many photos of our holiday beach rentals right here on our website so you can see first hand the interior and exterior of the various properties.

Spending the Holidays in Holden Beach NC

The kitchens in our vacation rentals are well equipped with everything you need to prepare a simple meal or an extravagantly elegant candlelit dinner. There’s a large grocery store in Holden Beach where you can purchase any supplies you need for meal prep, too.


With Myrtle Beach, SC, to the south and Wilmington, NC, to the north, you’ll be just a short drive from a vast assortment of entertainment, shopping and dining venues available to you. Whether you opt to rent beach bicycles and pedal along the water’s edge, play a few rounds of golf on any of the golf courses located nearby or head out on a fishing charter for the thrill of the big catch, there’s always plenty of things to do around the Brunswick Islands of coastal North Carolina no matter what time of the year it is.



Featured Property: At Ease

This month’s featured property is At Ease. A 3 bedroom, 2 bath home located at 598 Ocean Blvd. West in Holden Beach NC. You’ll feel relaxed and completely at ease when you stay in this vacation rental just steps from the oceanfront.

Featured Property: At EaseThis two story, second row home has been recently redecorated and really shines now! The open concept home provides a reverse floor plan so you’ll have the best coastal views from the living areas. Walk to the other side of the living room and the marsh and Intracoastal Waterway also provide you with relaxing views.

The large decks will beckon to you to come sit a spell and relax with a good book, your iPad or even a pillow. You’ll have your choice from three decks! Other amenities that this home provides are ceiling fans in every room, covered parking, a covered deck with a porch swing and two sun decks, full size washer/dryer, enclosed outdoor shower with hot water, all appliances, and central heat and air conditioning. If you come during the mid and prime seasons you’ll also have bed linens included in the rate.

Featured Property: At EaseSpecial rates on this month’s featured home, At Ease, are: Resort Season $1400, Travel Season $1550, Mid Season $1650, and Prime Season $1750.

If you’re interested in more details about this property or any others that you see on our website, give Holden Beach Vacations a call at 800-720-2200 or 910-842-6061. If it’s more convenient for you, we can also be reached through the Contact Us form on our website. We’d love to hear from you to discuss your upcoming vacation plans and how we can help you!


Why You Should Join the Holden Beach Turtle Patrol

If you’re looking for a way to volunteer your time and make a difference you should join the Holden Beach Turtle Patrol. You’ll be patrolling for mothers laying a nest, stranded or injured sea turtles and unattended hatchlings. While patrolling you will have the support and back up of those experienced in working for the Holden Beach turtle watch program year after year.

Why You Should Join the Holden Beach Turtle PatrolFounded in 1989, this all volunteer, nonprofit conservation organization monitors and protects the sea turtle population on Holden Beach, North Carolina.

Every Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. throughout the months of June, July, and August, the Educational Committee hosts a Turtle Talk that is open to the public. These free programs are held at the Town Hall in Holden Beach at 110 Rothschild Street near the bridge. Seating is limited. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. All programs are free of charge. Donations will be accepted.

Why You Should Join the Holden Beach Turtle PatrolTurtle Talk focuses on the life cycle of the sea turtle, and how the Holden Beach Turtle program aids in the preservation of these sea turtles. A short video is shown following by a question and answer segment. Several turtle artifacts will be on display. Informational handouts with additional information will be available.

There’s also a Children’s Turtle Time on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. beginning June 25 and running through August 6. Special program for children 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old. There will be stories, crafts and games. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

We encourage you to come join us and learn more about these sea turtles that nest on our beach and how you can help. Whether you decide to be a part of the Turtle Patrol or not, you’re still welcome to attend the Turtle Talk.


10 Best Reasons to Check Us Out on Facebook

Have you visited our Alan Holden Vacations page on Facebook yet? As of right now there are 2,350 people that have Liked our page and are able to stay up-to-date with what is going on with us and our properties. Want to know what makes our page so special? We’ll give you 10 good reasons why you should visit us on Facebook, too!

10 Best Reasons to Check Us Out on Facebook

1. Like us on Facebook and when we post to our page you’ll see it in your newsfeed right away.
2. Be among the first to be notified of any special deals we have on our vacation rentals.
3. Our Feature Friday posts special properties to our Facebook page every Friday.
4. Read the great reviews that our prior guests have posted to our page and see all the nice things they say about us.
5. Like our page and be notified about local events in Holden Beach NC like the Holden Beach Turtle Patrol that is held every Wednesday night throughout the summer months.
6. Find us on Facebook then follow us to Pinterest! We’re in all the social networks!
7. Are you looking for ideas of things to do while on vacation here? See what other people are saying on our page.
8. We respond! If you post a comment on our page, we’ll reply to you fairly quickly.
9. Did you read our “Guide to a Better Holden Beach Vacation” that we posted on our Facebook page? Check it out!
10. Get in the mood. The vast number of photographs and artwork on our Facebook page are enough to get anyone in the mood for that upcoming beach vacation!


Featured Property: Doc’s LegAsea

Every week we select featured properties and showcase them on our website. Following is one of these extra special properties that we’d like to tell you about. You can view the others by following the Featured Properties link on our homepage.

Holden Beach Featured PropertyDoc’s LegAsea is a 4 bedroom home with 3 bathrooms that sleeps up to 8 people comfortably. This is a single family home that sits second row and offers gorgeous views. You’ll have 4 king size beds when you rent this beautiful home that comes with all the details you’d expect to find in a vacation home such as this.

This two-level home is located at 148 Ocean Blvd. West in Holden Beach, North Carolina. You’ll enjoy the peacefulness of sitting in the porch rockers while enjoying an ocean breeze.

Featured Property: Doc's LegAseaAmenities in this home include central heat and air, dishwasher, microwave, icemaker in fridge, washer/dryer, cable TV, stereo, DVD player, VCR, telephone and wireless internet access. Bed linens are provided for weekly rentals only during mid-season and prime season. The various outdoor amenities include an open deck for sunning yourself, covered porches (one off of 2nd floor king bedroom), outside shower with hot/cold water.

You’ll be close enough to walk to the nearby bike rental shop and get yourself some wheels to ride around the island on. In fact, why not do that when you Renting Bikes on vacationarrive and keep your rentals for the week. Everything is close enough to either walk or ride your bike to including restaurants and summer concerts at the pavilion. You won’t have far to go to get to the beach either. The beach access is located right across the street.

Check our website at for availability on this month’s featured property. We offer military discounts and senior citizen discounts on our rentals. If we can assist you in any way please call us at 800-720-2200 or 910-842-6061 or fill out the “Request More Info” form and send it to us. We’ll be back in touch very quickly.


Featured Specials on Vacation Rentals

You can save a lot when you take advantage of one of the many properties we have with Featured Specials going on. Each month more are added to the list so check back often. This month we’ll highlight a few properties here for you.

Carolina Sun - Holden Beach Vacation RentalCarolina Sun is a four bedroom, two bath home that sleeps up to 10 people. This second row home is located at 115 Ocean Blvd E Holden Beach, NC. You’ll save 10% off the weekly rate for the remaining available weeks in 2014 if you hurry. You’ll enjoy the ocean view from this cozy beach home. Amenities include central air, dishwasher, microwave, washer/dryer, 3 cable TV’s, DVD player, stereo and WIFI. Outdoor amenities include enclosed outside shower with hot/cold water, private open deck in back and covered front porch, parking under house and beach access across the street. Staying here you’ll be in close walking distance to restaurants, shops and summer concerts under the bridge. This home is non-smoking and does not allow pets. Bed linens are included on weekly rentals during Mid and Prime seasons only.

Holden Beach Vacation Rental - Sand DollarBring your boat along with you when you take advantage of the special rates on Sand Dollar. $100 off all vacant weeks through August 2014. Dock your boat and relax on the porch at this 3 bedroom/2 bath canal home located at 126 Sanddollar. Enjoy the ease of single level living. This home accommodates up to 6 people. Amenities include central heat and air, dishwasher, washer/dryer, microwave, icemaker, cable TV, flat screen TV’s in all bedrooms, stereo, 3 DVD players, VCR and free wireless internet access. Outdoor amenities include a covered porch and open deck, fenced backyard and outside shower with hot and cold water. This is a non-smoking home.

Super deals on Holden Beach vacation rental propertiesTake advantage of 15% off any vacant weeks in June and August 2014 when you make your reservations now to stay at Ain’t Life Grand. Enjoy the beautiful ocean and marsh views and relax while sitting on the porches. This home provides 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, accommodating up to 10 guests. Amenities include central heat and air, dishwasher, microwave, washer/dryer, icemaker in fridge, cable TV’s, DVD player, VCR, wireless internet access, telephone and stereo. Beautiful hardwood floors in living areas, dual shower heads in master bath, stainless steel appliances, front and back covered porches, enclosed outside shower with hot and cold water and covered parking. Private beach access is directly across street. This is a non-smoking second row home. Bed linens are included on weekly rentals during Mid and Prime seasons only.

The fastest way to take advantage of these great rates is to call us at 800-720-2200 or 910-842-6061 and make your reservations. At Alan Holden Vacations we’d be happy to talk with you about your vacation needs for your family so you’re sure to pick the right vacation rental in Holden Beach.




Join us for the Day at the Dock Festival

Day at the Dock, a family festival

Spring is here and with the warmer weather comes the annual Day at the Dock festival. Join us this Saturday April 26th & Sunday April 27th under the Holden Beach Bridge for two days of live music, street vendors and family fun galore. Free to the public, this year’s festival adds more local vendors and events for attendants. New for 2014 are the King Mackerel and Flounder Fishing Tournaments, both feature cash prizes for the best catch. Also making their debuts this year are the Horse Shoe and Cornhole Tournaments. This weekend’s festival also offers plenty of excitement for the kids, featuring inflatable slides and bouncy houses as well as face painting and a Home Depot workshop. One event that is always popular with the kids is the Bobble race. The race is scheduled to take place around 3 p.m. Sunday; participants can buy a Bopple up until race time from any of the street vendors. A chance on a Bopple costs $1 each, or you can buy six chances for $5. At the designated race time, the Bopples will be dropped off of the Holden Beach Bridge into the Intracoastal Waterway. The first Bopple to cross the finish line wins a fabulous prize. This year’s musical guest includes the Fat Jack Band, Legree Graham Band, the Parkton UNC Praise Band, and Pantastic Steel. Of course there will be plenty of dancing lead by The Fabulous Daddy O’s who will be performing at the Holden Beach Pavilion. Here is a detailed list of event times. Saturday, April 26 9:30-12 p.m. Fat Jack Band will perform 9 a.m. Registration begins for Cardboard Box Paddle Race 12-2 p.m. WWZZ Live Broadcast 1 p.m. Cardboard Box Paddle Race Begins 1:30-4 p.m. Legree Graham Band performs 6 p.m. Street Dance with The Fabulous Daddy O’s Sunday, April 27 8 a.m. Worship Service 9:30 a.m. Motorcycle and Car Show 10-12 p.m. Parkton UNC Praise Band 12 Noon Rock the Dock Singing Competition 1- 3 p.m. Pantastic Steel 3 p.m. Bopple Race 3:30 p.m. Awards Ceremony and Closing Announcements