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I am just going to hop right into it today. Summer is coming on strong! I can see people out mowing their yards and trimming the bushes. People are swimming in the warm ocean in regular bathing suits (no wet suits anymore!) The reservations are picking up slowly but surely, and soon the weekly mayhem will begin. This past week was a good warm up to the full rush.

I hope the gas prices decide to go on vacation too. They are working way to hard and have a lot of over time. Maybe the “gas fairies” need a 3 YEAR vacation….since they are way ahead of schedule. The cheapest gas within 10 miles of here is right around $3.77 a gallon for regular 87 octane gas. Did you know, back in 1999 gas was only $0.89 a gallon here at Holden Beach? Talk about a pain in the wallet! I just find it ironic, that the cost of fuel keeps going up, and up and up. Then we see on the Nightly News that oil companies are profiting BILLIONS a year. I am not the smartest fellow at math I must admit, but I do know it does not add up.

On to more positive things……in order to help you find a few deals, we have been keeping our “Special’s” page updated on our site. Some of our homeowner’s have decided to try to help their fellow renters out. Several are offering money off to help pay for gas. Stroll on over to that part of our site, and give them a look. Please keep in mind that rental prices are set back in August or September of the year before.

Come on down to the beach to help relax and shake off those winter blues. The water temps are in the mid-70’s and the air temps are averaging in the mid-80’s and sunny. You can also keep and eye on the waves and surf report with our beach webcam. We look forward to seeing you!

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