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Spend 4th of July at Holden Beach this Year

Spend 4th of July at Holden Beach this Year

Do you and your family have a family vacation planned for Holden Beach this 4th of July? If you do, then we need to tell you all about some fun activities you can do on your trip. While this year may seem different due to the recent events, there are still plenty of things you can do to celebrate with the family. Staying in one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals will allow you and your family to enjoy time together. Let’s look below at some of the things you can do on your 4th of July vacation.

Ring Toss on the Beach

Spend 4th of July at Holden Beach this Year

Have you ever been to a carnival and played the game ring toss? If so, then this is a fun version of that classic game but only played on the beach. Grab a few plastic bottles and have the kids decorate each one. For the rings, you can grab some of the diving rings that you will find the pool toy section and use them. Then bury the bottles in the sand a little bit and see who can get the most rings on the cylinders. This game is best played with the family and is a great way to make new memories on this 4th of July!

4th of July Bake-Off with the Family

Another high activity that your family can do on your 4th of July vacation is to have a bake-off against each other. While younger children may not be able to cook, they can still make something they love. It could be candy kabobs, rice Krispy treats (with adult help), or Jell-O. For the adults, they could have a bake-off with who has the best-baked beans or who has the best-pulled pork or chili. The possibilities are endless, and we promise that this could be one of the best activities this holiday.

Spend the Day on the Beach

Spend 4th of July at Holden Beach this Year

While you are on vacation this 4th of July, spend the day or two on the beach. Bring the beach chairs, umbrella, towels or blankets, sunscreen, and beach toys. Let the kids play in the sand by building sandcastles or burying each other in the sand. Make a family picnic and have lunch on the sand. Bring a book or your reading device and read away as you hear the kids in the background playing. In the evening, go for a walk and collect as many seashells as you can. Spending time together on the beach is what many families love to do every summer!

While there are many other things you can do this 4th of July, these are a few things we wanted to mention. If you haven’t booked your family vacation to stay in one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals, now is the time. We look forward to seeing your family as you help us celebrate this great nation together!


Best Places to Get Coffee in Holden Beach

Best Places to Get Coffee in Holden Beach

Are you and your family going on Vacation to Holden Beach and you are wondering where you can get the best coffee at? We can tell you that we know where the best spots to grab a cup of coffee or two from in the area. Many locals like to get their daily dose of caffeine at these places and we thought that we’d share them with you. If you are staying with us in one of our Holden Beach vacation rentals, you won’t be too far away from any of them. Let’s look at our top picks for the best places to get coffee while on vacation in Holden Beach.

Cappuccino by the Sea

Best Places to Get Coffee in Holden Beach

Cappuccino by the Sea has been open for over 25 years and is not like any other coffee shop around. Here you and your family can come in, paint some pottery, shop and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea. Fresh coffee is made every morning and afternoon and they serve Columbian coffee. Also, in the summer time while the weather is hot, you can get served cold coffee along with coffee ice cubes. You may notice that if your coffee will get stronger as the ice melts, but for many it only makes the coffee better. They do serve other drinks as well such as Chai Tea, Frappuccino, Lemonade and hot chocolate. Don’t miss this gem on your next vacation to Holden Beach.

Café Ahora

For those days where you just want a nice cup of coffee and munch on a little treat, then we have the perfect location. Café Ahora is located just before you come onto the island on Holden Beach Road. In a quaint location you will be able to find several different coffee options for you to choose from. From a hot cup of coffee to a Cold Brew to even smoothies, there is something for everyone in the family. And treat yourself to a little treat such as a Chocolate Chunk Cookie or a muffin. They also do offer specials for their customers as well which is why many of the locals love this coffee shop.

Jumpin’ Java Espresso

Best Places to Get Coffee in Holden Beach

Jumpin’ Java Espresso is located in nearby town, Shallotte and is known to many as to have some of the best coffee around. They offer many classic options such as Caramel Lattes, Americano, Daily Brews and Caramel Macchiato’s for you to enjoy. They also offer cold options and frozen drinks for you to sip on. And let’s not forget about their signature drinks that everyone raves about such as their German Chocolate Cake, Monkey Business, Milky Way and the famous Shallotte’. Jumpin’ Java Espresso also has other drinks such as Hot Chocolate, Italian Soda, and Smoothies for those who don’t drink coffee. Don’t miss this coffee shop while you are on vacation or leaving to go home.

OIB Surf & Java

If you are looking for another great coffee shop in the area, then head on over to Ocean Isle Beach for a different kind of coffee shop. OIB Surf & Java is like no other coffee shop out there are you cannot only get coffee, but you can also shop for surfing things. They are locally owned, and it happens to be a favorite spot for many of the locals to flock to. They do offer different and unique flavors of Lattes and Frappes and for those who don’t care for coffee they have smoothies and tea for you. With so many different options for you to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. Get a little shopping done while you enjoy your coffee or treat by looking at clothing, surfboards and more. Come check out why the locals love this little shop!

While there are many other options for coffee shops in the area, these are the few we’d thought that you would enjoy. If you are still on the hunt for a place to stay this year for either Spring Break or for the summer, then check out our Holden Beach vacation rentals today. We can’t wait to see you and your family on your next vacation to the area!


Summer’s last weekend: Make the best of your beach trip

The following article recently appeared in the Fayetteville Observer about Holden Beach and Alan Holden Vacations. Story by Kim Hasty and photography by Cindy Burnham.

Make the best of your beach trip

Photography by Cindy Burnham


Of all people, Alan Holden has probably heard just about everything when it comes to questions regarding renting a beach home.
He’s a sixth-generation member of the family that developed Holden Beach and has owned Alan Holden Vacation Rentals for decades. Still, there are always one or two questions that take him aback.
For instance, there’s nothing unusual about someone wondering if a home features an outdoor shower for rinsing off all that beach sand. And, OK, maybe it’s even a good idea to ask whether the outdoor shower is enclosed. “I’ve actually had people ask if it will fit two people,” Holden said.
Then again, when it comes to finding that perfect place to call home for a week or a long weekend, it’s best to know in advance if your favorite amenities are available. Even if your favorite amenity is a shower for two.
“No question is a bad question,” said Heather Hill, of Alan Holden Vacation Rentals. “You don’t want to get there and it’s not what you envisioned.”
We hope these tips we compiled will help you spend more time dipping your toes in the sand and less time heading off to the store in search of a decent paring knife.

Make the best of your beach trip to Holden Beach

Photography by Cindy Burnham


Speaking of paring knives, it’s smart to bring along a couple of good ones if you plan to do any cooking, unless you are certain the home you’ve selected has a well-stocked kitchen. After all, one person’s idea of a good knife might be the same ol’ trusty one they use to filet fish. Same holds true for a good pasta pot or cast-iron skillet. If those things are important, bring them along.
Here’s a handy tip: you can wrap knives, spatulas, tongs, slotted spoons, kitchen shears and any other significant kitchen tools together inside a couple of dish towels. Speaking of dish towels …

Ask before assuming any towels and linens are provided.

During the peak season, most rental agencies provide linens. But though beaches may be packed over Labor Day, it’s nevertheless not considered peak season.
That means you need to find out the size of each bed and bring sheets and pillowcases for each. Comforters are usually already in place, but it’s a good idea to bring along a couple extra lightweight blankets in case Aunt Agnes likes the air conditioner yanked down to a setting fit for polar bears.
And that means you need to bring your own bath towels, beach towels and washcloths. And dish towels and dishcloths, too.
Pillows also usually are provided, but if get a wry neck if yours doesn’t have a certain firmness, by all means bring your own. Neck pain does not go well with relaxing in a beach chair with a good book.
And it certainly does not go well with sitting on a towel on the beach, which is what you may find yourself doing if you forget to bring your own.

Beach chairs.

Some rental owners are happy for you to tote their chairs to the beach, but others will lock them up out of sight as if they were Blackbeard’s treasure.
If you are the antsy type and reading for you is as fun as a sunburn, you might like to bring along a boogie board or raft for playing in the waves. You might also want try out a beach game. Most everyone knows about cornhole, but one of the newer games is known as spikeball, a combination of volleyball and four-square.
Whether you’ve had a day relaxing in a beach chair, playing spikeball or breaking up a lot of arguments between the kids and Aunt Agnes, many of us find it’s nice to watch the sunset with a cocktail or a nice glass of wine.
Now, where is the corkscrew in this place?

Casa de la Playa at Holden Beach has an open kitchen with amenities. Photography by Cindy Burnham

Casa de la Playa at Holden Beach has an open kitchen with amenities.
Photography by Cindy Burnham


The corkscrew.

Of course, it is among the handy kitchen tools you wrapped up in your dish towel. And, since some of us are a bit peculiar about glassware, bring sturdy wine glasses and highball glasses from home if you don’t want to find yourself relegated to Solo cups.

Entertainment for the little ones.

But before you can have that cocktail, you must be sure the youngsters are happy. Many parents recommend packing a container of baby powder in your beach bag, since a sprinkle or two works magic to remove sand from little (and big) feet.
For indoor entertainment, one of the beach rental houses we checked out had an actual pool table. That’s awesome, but not customary. Lots of beach rentals, however, provide a supply of board games for everyone’s enjoyment, but it’s a good idea to bring a few things to keep family members occupied, such as jigsaw puzzles, a deck of cards, coloring books, crayons and gerbils.
Make the best of your beach trip


Just kidding about the gerbils! Because, of course, pets are not allowed unless specified. Some beach rentals are specified as pet-friendly, but usually that requires a nonrefundable pet deposit. It also pays to note that each North Carolina beach has its own regulations regarding pets, including restricted hours and leash laws.
Something pet owners may wish to consider is bringing pets along, but dropping them off at a kennel near the beach. That way, you can spend some time with Fido on the beach, then return him to the kennel in the evening. It’s advisable to reserve kennel space early. Oak Island has Greenwood Pet Camp for boarding pets and Holden Beach has an off-leash dog park.

Kitchen essentials

After you’ve had your fun day on the beach, returned Fido to the kennel, had your outdoor shower for two and enjoyed a cocktail, it’s time for dinner.
The last thing you want to realize is that there’s no salt and pepper in the house to provide the perfect finishing touch to that shrimp boil. That’s why you should bring along your own condiments, sugar, cooking oil, coffee and Silk French Vanilla Soy Coffee Creamer, because that’s the absolute best and some of us despair if we have to use any other coffee creamer, or regular milk. (Also, be sure to ask whether the coffee maker is a Keurig or brew type.)
A good tip is to fill one of those plastic storage bins before you leave home with nonperishable kitchen necessities and a cooler with your Silk French Vanilla Soy Coffee Creamer and other things that must stay cool.

Make the best of your beach trip to Holden Beach NC

The rental home’s shaded porch and comfy outdoors furniture on the waterway at Holden Beach.
Photography by Cindy Burnham


Finally, relax. You’re at the beach, for goodness sake.

Staying cool is the ultimate tip. And we aren’t just talking about Aunt Agnes and her thermostat settings. Keep in mind that there will always be little problems that arise, but most of them are easily resolved. Keep in mind, too, that everyone has their little personality quirks, but that it’s best to be calm and assure that everyone has a good time. Because, after all, it might be next summer before we all get the chance to ride the waves of a beach rental vacation again!



Holden Beach Implements Beach Renourishment Project

Holden Beach Implements Beach Renourishment Project

If you’ve always loved vacationing on Holden Beach, North Carolina, you’ll be happy to know there’s going to be much more beachfront to enjoy soon! Fox Wilmington news recently reported on the project slated to cost $15 million and said it is the most extensive beach replenishment project in the town’s history.
Town Manager David Hewitt explained the need for the replenishment project by saying, “It’s about storm protection, wildlife habitat and just more beach to have fun.”
Half of the money needed will come from increased property taxes on Holden Beach, the rest from an occupancy tax and FEMA relief bond. For a family in a $500,000 home, it will mean an additional $350 a year on their tax bill.
Holden Beach Implements Beach Renourishment Project

“We view this type of project as infrastructure,” Hewitt explained. “Just like a road, water, or sewer lines for a beach community, a nourishment project is infrastructure.”
Cathy Moffitt’s family has been vacationing in Holden Beach for four generations. “We love it here. It’s our escape,” Moffitt said. “But you can’t help but notice the ocean is creeping closer than it used to be.”
The replenishment project will widen Holden Beach by about 80 feet over a four and a half mile stretch. That’s 1.3 million cubic yards of sand.
Holden Beach Implements Beach Renourishment Project

“In terms of being able to provide storm damage protection, that’s always a proactive measure,” Hewitt said. “But just like beaches, worldwide, the town of Holden Beach is not immune to erosion and the threat of storms.”
The replenishment project is slated to kick off November 15 and run through April. Town leaders hope it has a life cycle that runs through 2032.

If you’re staying in one of our Alan Holden Vacation Rentals know that the renourishment project won’t affect your vacation plans at all. The beaches will still be open and we’ll be doing business as usual.

Holden Beach Sunrise

Our New Vacation Rentals Website Launch!!

Hello everyone, We wanted to announce the launch of our new Alan Holden Vacations rentals website! We upgraded our website with an total makeover to make it more user friendly with a lot more features. We can still be found at the same web address Alan Holden Vacations and we think you will love it. Our new website now allows you to book a rental property, digitally sign the lease agreement instead of waiting for it to get mailed to you, and also log in at any time to make payments toward your vacation. You will also be able to see what payments have been made. Another cool function we added is that on any and every house we have, you can “Like” it and it will be added to your Facebook profile page for your friends and family to see. You will also be able to pin a house photo on “Pintrest“! Be sure to follow us on Facebook We post photos and videos of the beach almost daily so please check us out! Hope to see you back here at Holden Beach this summer! Sales on the island are picking up slowly so if you are thinking about buying a home come see us at RE/MAX at the Beach!

Alan Holden Realty Office North Carolina

Our new RE/MAX at the Beach sales office in Sea Trail

Our sales office has grown a little more in last month! Alan Holden Vacations and RE/MAX at the Beach are proud to announce the opening of our new sales office located within the Sea Trail community at Sunset Beach, NC. We opened this office to help serve the golfing community of Sea Trail and surrounding areas. Our new office is located right across the street from the convention center in Sea Trail. Please give our professional and experienced agents a call if you are thinking about buying or selling in the area.

You can find our location by putting our address in your GPS at:
80 Mill Pond Rd.
Sunset Beach, NC 28470

To see if we have anything that interests you, please visit our sales site to search our listings. Our sales page is In the upper left corner of the page, there is a drop down menu. Please choose “Subdivision” and in the blank box put in “Sea Trail”. Hit “Go” and there you can view out all of our listings in Sea Trail.

We hope this will help us serve you better. Remember, “Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX”.


Tropical Storm Hanna!

Well….we made it through Tropical Storm Hanna with only a few scratches here and there. Mostly Holden Beach “weathered” it pretty well. In the beginning of tracking Hanna, she could not quite make up her mind as of where she wanted to go. When she got around the Bahama’s she seemed to wander to the North, then back to the South, then Southeast, then Northwest. Finally, she decided to take aim on the NC/SC border. Holden Beach officials had a good grasp on how to handle the situation. Thursday Sept. 4th, Holden Beach Mayor and Town manager decided to make it a “Voluntary Evacuation” beginning the next day at 10am. Holden Beach town employee’s, rental agencies, and local businesses began going into lockdown mode. The rental companies, begin calling all of the renters to notify them of the voluntary evacuation and how to get the latest updates from the town. During these phone calls we ask that our renters to please bring in all outdoor furniture and anything that can become blown around in the wind that might be dangerous. After the guests lock all of the windows and doors, most decided to checkout late Friday afternoon. After our guests leave, then we go to all of our rental homes and double check these windows and doors to be extra cautious for our homeowners.

After all homes were checked that evening, we all went home to wait on Hanna. My wife and I along with our three young childen decided it was not going to be much of an event and stayed on the island. The night went on as usual with the wind slowly beginning to increase just before dark. When bedtime came at 9pm, the kids were put to bed and we put the Weather Channel on. Slowly the rain began to fall and the wind picked up even more. I believe the wind really was at it strongest around 3am Saturday morning. My wife and I went downstairs to get something to eat….as usual. While we were eating, we noticed that a large 6ft pane glass in our living room was bending inward about 1/4 inch. It looked like it could go at any moment. The house was shaking and you could hear the wood in the walls bending and flexing from the wind. I tried to open the back door and I could feel a suction on the door and could hardly open it. This suction was actually from the eye of Hanna passing directly over us. I shut the door and we went back upstairs to try to get some sleep. We had just gotten to bed and then the power went out. So I got up and looked out the window and saw that the entire neighborhood was out as well. I knew this was not good…..because then the house starts getting hot inside and you can’t open the windows. The kids were sleeping through this whole thing and never made a sound.

The next morning we had to go to work back here at the real estate office to take calls from incoming renters and our homewowner’s. As we got out and were able to look at the island things looked pretty good! There were a few places that the ocean came over the dune and put some debris on a few lots. Also there many homes with shingles and siding off. For the most part, that was really about it. We escaped the wrath of the storm this time, but next time we may not be so lucky. We will keep our eyes on the Weather Channel for another few weeks.

Welcome to Holden Beach North Carolina

Funny Stories….

I was thinking about what to write about today. Who doesn’t like funny stories, right? As I was looking out the window thinking (I wish is was about 80 degrees and sunny). Well….we have the sunny part down to a science but the air temps just don’t cut it on the thermometer. The sun is shining and the air temp is hovering around 25 degrees. This got me thinking about the summer days and some of the funny things we have had happen in this business. I know that when a few of you read these things you will think “What is so funny about that?” And that is ok! But to people who have lived here our entire lives, it is really funny because these stories make us look at things with an entirely different viewpoint.

I promise not to use names (because honesty I don’t remember them).

Back in the mid-1980’s when Alan Holden Vacations was known as Alan Holden Realty, we had a lady come into our office that was highly upset about something. She came in and was telling us about how her North Carolina vacation was ruined and her views of the ocean were ruined etc. She never came out and said “My beach trip is ruined because…..” She just went on and one about how she has waited her entire life to come to the beach and now it is ruined. To make a long story very short, she finally said these exact words,”My first beach experience is ruined because those shrimp boats offshore are ruining my view!” We tried will all our power to explain to her that the shrimp boats are “the view”. She was not satisfied and wanted us to call them shrimpers and ask them to move out of the way.” How do you explain that is does not work that way…..???

Another funny story is about mosquitoes. Everyone knows that in the dead of summer mosquitoes are sometimes annoying right before dark. Especially if there has been a lot of rain two or three weeks before. If there is not a lot of wind at night, we humans are prime hunting material for mosquitoes. This story happened many years ago also. We had a phone call from a lady who had checked in several days earlier and was upset. We asked her what was wrong and she complained to us that the mosquitoes were eating her up while she sat on the porch watching the sunsets in the evenings. She asked us if we could do something about them? If we could not, she wanted all of her rental money back. We explained to the customer that we can’t control things such as mosquitoes. She told us to call someone to take care of the problem.

We had an instance of a renter who called before they came to the beach. He wanted to make sure that the house they had rented earlier in the year had “only low tide if front of it”. His children needed a place to play in front of the house. But…..again we explained to him that the tides are a result of the gravitational attraction between the earth, the sun, and the moon. We at AHV do not control the ocean tides. We jokingly told him that he would need to talk to the man upstairs about that (we were referring to God). But the renter said, “Well….put him on the phone”(He was referring to Mr. Holden). Finally we explained how the tides work, and he understood then he laughed about about it.

One last quick story, is the customer who called and told us she was upset with her house location. She explained to us that her grandchildren went and bought boogie boards to ride the waves. However, when they got to the beach, the waves in front of their home were really small and unrideable. But, she did tell us that she could see children riding waves just down the beach. She asked if we could move the family to a different house that had waves in front of it. Again, we can not control the waves nor Mother Nature.

I have been surfing for about 25 years. If I could control the waves, I would never be at work. 🙂

These few stories are not to make fun of anyone. They just bring smiles to my face when I think about all of the funny ones over the years. It seems working in this business, the days are never the same…..or even close.

I am sure that if us locals went back to your home state, we would ask questions as to why things are the way they are there. Why do your schools not close when it snows a lot?

(Now to make fun of ourselves here in our area…to make things even). Yes! It is true about when it snows here…or should I say “when it thinks about snowing here”. In our area of the state, if the weather hints at a possible storm with freezing rain or sleet, the few salt trucks get on standby. To my knowledge, our county does not even have salt trucks. Anyway, if it flurries for a few hours in the early mornings, the school system either has a 2 hour delay or they shut the schools down all together. But if you look out the window that morning, it looks like just another day. Dore (my wife), who grew up is Utah laughs at the school system here. She told me that for schools to be canceled out there, it had to snow close to three or four feet in a day. Here……it seems like the weatherman says,” We have a very good chance of freezing rain and sleet late tonight and into the early morning hours.” Then the next thing we hear on the news is, “There will be a two hour delay for all area schools”. The reason being………… southerners CAN’T drive in the snow!” But….just to prove to everyone that the beach does get snow, just click on picture above and see for yourselves.


Roasting Oysters

During the winter months for those who have never had the chance to visit from Oct. 15th through March 15th there is something you need to do. My family tries to get together about once every week or two and roast oysters over an open fire outside over a drum or in an outdoor fireplace. We have some local connections to get them fresh by the bushel. I believe the cost last winter was about $33 a bushel. When I was a teenager, the cost was about $11 a bushel.

Some of you may say, “I have had them in the restaurants steamed.” When cooking and eating them over an open, it is a unique experience BIG difference in taste experience. Here are some tips if you ever want to try it:

Get a bushel of oysters and an old oil drum the with bottom cut out. Stick a few bricks under the bottom edges to raise the drum a few inches. Put small blocks of wood, a few broken sticks and some rolled up newspapers in the bottom of the drum. Next, you need to light the wood and newspapers and get the fire really hot and wait for it to settle down some. Take the fresh, shelled oysters out of the burlap bag and take a pressure washer or water hose and get all of the mud off to the best of your ability. After the fire backs down some and has burned for about 15 minutes or so, put about 35 clean oysters in a wire mesh rack to place on top of the drum with the oysters in it. As the oysters start cooking you will hear lots of popping, cracking and sizzling. This is the sounds of the oysters opening from the heat and the juices flowing out of them and falling onto the fire. About every three or four minutes you need to shake the rack to move the oysters around. Cook the oysters from about 10 minutes or so. Once the oyster shells turn an “ash” color they are likely done.

On the tables you have set up, you should have covered them with several layers of newspapers to absorb the juices. You then will have to pick though the oysters that have the shells open enough to stick an oyster knife in it to pry it open. Have a few different kinds of sauces ready to dip the oysters in. Things we like are vinegar, ketchup, horseradish sauce etc. Dip it in, and open wide!
Depending on how many people you have, depends on how many oysters you will need. Usually, we get a bushel and a half or so for about 6 or 8 people.

Due to the pollution in our rivers and waterways that have increased over the past few years, this practice of roasting oysters is slowly dying. Also, the over harvesting of oysters have really impacted the oyster population as well. Here is an interesting article that was in our local newspaper a few years ago. We all need to be aware that we do our best to help protect our water sources. The locals are all saying that in 10 years we will no longer be able to get fresh oysters out of our rivers. Let’s be able to pass the tradition on for our children to enjoy.

Holden Beach Family Vacation

Family comes to visit Holden Beach!

Some of you have e-mailed me and asked where my family and I go for vacation since we live in paradise. Usually we do not go far from Holden Beach, but this year was a little different than usual. My wife’s brother, his wife and 2 kids came to stay 10 days with us at our house. Also, my wife’s nephew, niece and their mom came as well. That came to a total of of 12 people (5 adults and 7 kids under the age of 7).

They came out from Salt Lake City on the “big bird” and landed in Raleigh all full of great cheer and to have fun at the beach. We were really all anxious to see everyone since we have not seen them in about 2 1/2 years. My wife and I took our vacation time this year to hang out and entertain everyone. We really did a lot of things. One of the things we did for the kids was to take everyone to the Dixie Stampede in Myrtle Beach, SC. If you have never been there it is really a lot fo fun for everyone. They feed you great food and they have lots of horse riding, tricks, jokes and much more and they do it while you eat. It is inside and they have a large arena type seating. Go if you get the chance, but please call ahead to make sure your get a reservation first.

Anyway, back to the family fun! We spent most of the time at the beach since we could easily just walk down the street. The kids did not go everyday, but they did go a lot. Some days it was just so hot, you wanted to stay indoors. Other times we did some eating….and more eating….and a little more eating. I think I need to go on a diet now. While the kids were either playing with toys or at the beach, Hagoth (my wife’s brother) and I went and did our own things. One day we played 18-holes of golf at one of the local courses. We decided to play Lockwood Folly Golf Links. Now I will be the first to admit that he nor I are Tiger Woods….lol. I think we belong more on one of the local Putt-Putt courses. We did have a lot of fun making a few good drives and putts in between chasing and losing balls. I think I lost 5 balls on the first 7 holes or so. It is all about the fun (Insert sarcasm here)!

While we were out TRYING to play golf, the ladies took the kids to ride the Southport Ferry to Ft. Fisher to go visit the NC Aquarium at Ft. Fisher. My kids always love going! They got to see the sharks, turtles and pet the sting rays in the petting tank. If you have never been, please take some time to drop by one afternoon and see what wonderful things they have. When everyone got back from the aquarium and we got back from golf, we all were exhausted. Time to eat again!
The next day Hagoth and I had to pay the piper for our excellent golf game. We let all the mother’s go and get pedicure’s to help them relax for the long stressful day they had before. I think when they got back home with their lovely feet, we needed pedicure…..or something to help US relax…lol.

Well, the 10 days came and went fast and we did so much in so little time and we still never got close to doing it all. Hopefully they can come back to visit us very soon and stay with us again. We really enjoyed having everyone in our house and it is so quite now. If we could just get everyone in their family to move out here then that would be great!! By the way, after that long but fun 10 day break from work…….I think I need a vacation now to recoup 🙂 So there you have it folks. We love Holden Beach so much that we stay home for vacation.