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Merry Christmas from Holden Beach, NC!

First and foremost we here at Alan Holden Vacations and RE/MAX at the Beach want to send you and your family warm beach wishes this holiday season and to have a very Merry Christmas. We hope you get everything you need and are you are able to spend time with all of your loved ones.

These past few weeks have been really busy for us here at our office. We did get our new 2009 rental brochures mailed to all of our past customers. They were mailed about a week before Thanksgiving. If you did not get the new 2009 rental brochure, please give us a call and let us know and we will be more than happy to send one to you. We are working on getting the new brochure on our website very soon. Once we get it online, you will be able to view and print it out at home at your convenience. Please go to our “Request a FREE Brochure” page to see if the new brochure is online.

Also, we are FINALLY excited to report that our four RE/MAX at the Beach offices have our new website up and running. The fast link to the web address is RE/MAX at the Beach There are a few minor issues that are needing to be worked out but we wanted to get it up and running before the holidays. That way when you have your new computer at home and it is snowing outside, you can think of how warm Holden Beach is (it is 75 degrees outside now!) and start planning your trip back to the beach. Begin planning on looking at some of our real estate and vacation homes that are for sale. Of course there are some REAL steals on the island right now!

When your family has dates set and your beach house confirmed for your next trip to the area think of the great memories you are making! In order to preserve those memories I suggest you give John Urban a call. He is a local photographer who does family portraits, weddings and receptions and just some general photography. He is a great photographer and his rates more than reasonable. John does our family photographs every year and we have always been extremely pleased with his work. You may want to call him at 910.233.7420 or email John at if you have any questions. If you would like to see some of his work, please visit his website at Blue Sky Photography. If you are thinking of getting married here in our area…his wedding photos are amazing! Please set up an appointment for the week you are here to have your memories captured. John usually books up early due to the high demand of his photos. I suggest you choose a day early in the week you are here in case of bad weather. You know how those summer thunderstorms pop up in the afternoons!

Holden Beach is now becoming more bicycle friendly for families in 2009 with designated bike trails! These local trails really are just part of the roads and sidewalks but they will be marked by signs and brochures that will be available to the public. Follow the brochure routes to learn about more information and the history of the island. You can learn cool things about the old Holden Beach airstrip on the east end of the island and about the Civil War shipwrecks located within swimming distance of the beach. These trails will have varying distances the total trails are about 20 miles long. To see a local news story please go to and please make sure you watch the video on that page along with the story.

Again, all the staff here at our office wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


The latest news on the island….

I just wanted to catch up on everything that has been happening here on the island in the last week or so.

The Town of Holden Beach signed a contract to tear down the Holden Beach Town Hall. It only took a matter of about 2 days and the destruction began on Monday December
10, 2007. The tractors and dump trucks moved in a steady line for a few hours. When it was all said and done…..the original building was gone. As I sit here and type this blog, I can hear another tractor leveling the dirt to make sure everything just right. It was really sad to see this building go since it has always been here my entire life of living on the beach. It was built in 1968 from old bricks that came from an old hosiery factory that was being town down in Wilmington, NC at the time. My grandfather and a few other men help clean up those old bricks to put the mortar right back on them to build our town hall. I went over there with my little truck and picked up about 200 of these old bricks to build a walkway at my house or a patio. I could just not let these bricks just go to the dump. They had so much history and meaning to me. I will surely miss seeing that building as I drive down the beach.

This past Tuesday was the induction of the new Town Commissioner’s and the new Mayor. At the town meeting, everyone was sworn into office and afterwards refreshments were served! The new incoming leaders are Mayor J. Alan Holden and the five commissioner’s are: Sandy Miller, Ray Lehr, Ken Kiser, Don Glander and returning commissioner Gary Staley.

Another talk of the town has been the GREAT weather we are having. Well……I guess it all depends on what your idea of what great is. For the last 4 days we have been setting heat records back to back. We had two days this week that we were hovering around the 80 degree mark. I know that it is Christmas, and I like it to be cold for the holiday’s. But it is nice for the kids to get all of there toys from Santa and can go out and play in the yard. After all….I could say we are lucky that we are not haveing that terrible snow storm that has been moving across the US. That snow would really be fun…for about a day and I would be over it. It is suppose to get into the 50’s on Monday and that should help cool things down.

We here at Alan Holden Vacation’s and RE/MAX at the Beach wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! Have a safe holiday as well!!!