Memorial Day Weekend is coming…..

Well, it looks like another Memorial Day in Holden Beach NC is coming around again. It is hard to believe that another rental season is just beginning. The winter months here at Holden Beach go by so fast. Most people think that since it is in our off season, that we get a chance to relax and rest before the summer jumps right on us. Actually, we are extremely busy during these months of September all the way through March or April.

We start off not long after Labor Day getting all of the updated house information from homeowner’s for the upcoming year. As these are coming in, we also must go out and retake new pictures of homes that have been painted, and had renovations. As this information is safely filed away into a brochure folder, we continue to help owner’s make repairs and upgrades to their homes. We really get a lot of pressure to get this updated information to the brochure printers just before Thanksgiving since it takes a few weeks to get them printed. Our goal is to have our vacation rental guide in the mail in early December. Right after Christmas we have about 3 days to make corrections in our database of all the changes that each home has had since the end of the last rental season. This is a very time consuming and strenuous.

It seems that right after New Years Day…….the phones start ringing. Everyone who received a brochure, went and shared it with their families over the holidays. Now they have their lists of homes they want to rent. The phones never really stop ring until around Memorial Day. There is a slight break but only for a very short time. Then before you know it, it is SUMMER! The summer months are extremely busy as always and we never really get a chance to breathe. So you see……living at the beach is not just all vacations. But we do love living here and helping people like you make memories here at Holden Beach.

Please don’t forget to remember what Memorial Day really means. Let’s remember all of those who have died while serving our wonderful country. If it were not for them, we would not have our freedom. Thanks to all our veterans out there….

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