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Holden Beach Day at the Docks Festival

Day at the Docks Festival!

Day at the Docks was Great!!

Day at the docks went very well last week. We had beautiful weather and lots of good times. There were fun things for the kids to do as well as for the adults. I am not sure how many people were here over the weekend for the festival, but the turnout was great.

My kids really liked the kite demonstration that comes every year. There were about 30 really cool kites flying and on display for all to enjoy. They were not your average kite though. Some were 15 feet long and had every color you could imagine. And the best thing about the festival, was that when you were tired of looking at the kites, you just had to cross the street from the beach to get to the nice arts and crafts that were on display to buy. Hopefully next year the weather will be just as good. Plan ahead now!

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Holden Beach Blog

Welcome to the new Holden Beach Blog sponsored by Alan Holden Vacations and RE/MAX at the Beach. We hope you find the information we put here to be insightful, interesting, informative, and entertaining. We will try to update this blog as often as possible. I will make this first post about the upcoming festival this weekend here at Holden Beach.

Day at the Docks is held every year in early spring. The dates are Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April 29 from 9am-4pm. This festival is a way for Holden Beach start off spring and the opening of beach season. There will be tons of the food, lots of crafts and entertainment. It is really a lot of family fun for everyone to enjoy.

The location is on under the Holden Beach bridge on the island side. So hop in the car and come on down and see us. Bring the whole family and stay a night or two! Find more rental information at Holden Beach rentals.


Welcome to Holden Beach! Our First Blog Posting

The folks at Alan Holden Vacations are specialists in family vacation rentals at Holden Beach– one of the top 10 family beaches in the US. After all, the Holden family have been here for a while. (Holden family ancestors bought the island paradise from England in 1756 for 50 shillings.)

We’ll make regular postings in this blog to help keep you informed about Holden Beach and the surrounding area.

Please check back often as we tell you more about one of the best family vacation spots on the east coast.