Please remember 9/11 Victims and their Families

Of course I don’t want to keep drilling it into everyone’s head about the 9/11 anniversary since the media will never let us forget…….and we shouldn’t. Instead of remembering what happened that day, we should all remember the people that were involved and lost.

Think about it like this……If you read in the media the names of those that were lost it is sad no doubt. But if you read those same names and put it with a photo it strikes a different chord. It allows us to see that these people who died were just like us. They were husbands, mothers, father’s, uncles, children, brothers, sisters, and they were children themselves. It really makes you realize that these people were just doing what they did every day….. and that is going to work. It is really hard for me to comprehend still the magnitude of lives lost and how they were lost.

I think back to that day of what I was doing. I had gone surfing to get some waves from Hurricane Erin up at Carolina Beach, NC. My friend Dean and I left Holden Beach around 6am to catch the ferry ride from Southport, NC over to Ft. Fisher. The waves were REALLY good that morning and the ocean was nice and glassy. I would say the surf was around 4-6ft with great conditions. I had to surf early and get back home by 10am to go to work. So we got out of the water and put our boards in the car and started to leave. I was not in the car longer than a minute when my wife called on my cell phone and told me that a plane had hit the World Trade Center in NY. At first I thought it was a small private prop plane….so I really did not think much of it. So I got off the phone with her and turned on the radio. The air waves were full of chatter as to what had happened. Still… was not known what kind of plane had hit the first tower. As we began to drive back home, out of nowhere a second plane hit the other tower. Now, I really became concerned. The radio began to start talking about a possible terrorist attack. After listening to this horrible story unfold, it became apparent that this was an attack. As these two buildings were burning, another plane crashes into the Pentagon. Reality had set in to me now…….when will it stop? Not after another plane gets downed in a field in Pennsylvania.

I got home after listening to this unfold on the radio and I ran into the house where my wife and my one year old son was waiting. I gave them a hug and turned on the television. It was worse than I had thought….if that is really possible. I watched it for several hours until I could not take anymore of it. I was mad, upset, and thankful that I still had my family and loved ones.

It still makes me stop and think about all of those lives that were lost and are still missing to this day. So please……say a prayer for those victims, the victims families and the survivors. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

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