The Where & Why of Pontoon Boat Rentals

On this year’s summer vacation to coastal North Carolina, why not take the family out on a boating adventure! Even people that don’t like boating for any number of reasons find pontoon boats to be stable and comfortable. Following are five benefits that a pontoon boat rental would have over other types of boats. Why not consider a pontoon boat rental on your next vacation to Holden Beach NC.

Easy to Handle

A pontoon boat is the simplest boat to handle on the water. The boat floats on top of the water, as opposed to motor boats, which draft down into the water, or sailboats that require wind in the right direction, you can take a pontoon boat just about anywhere. You don’t get as much interference from currents, and driving is basically the same as driving a car.

Smooth Rides

Pontoon boats are flatter on the bottom so they are gentle on the water than traditional U-hulled boats. As you turn, accelerate, and decelerate, you’ll usually find that the boat doesn’t tilt or lean in the water like traditional motorboats, and nowhere near as much as sailboats.

Sit Back And Relax

Many places that offer pontoon boat rentals are also available to captain your boat and take you to secret locations along the coast. Inshore fishing trips, snorkeling adventures, dolphin spotting, island tours, or anything else that you might have in mind, can be done on a pontoon boat.

Plenty of Room for Kids

Pontoon boats offer a lot of space for kids to play and be themselves. These boats are extremely stable. Seating arrangements let kids and adults alike feel like they’re having private conversations. The entire family is more comfortable on a pontoon boat, especially for those looking for relaxation in the sun.

Great for Fishing

If you’re looking for your big catch while you’re here, choosing a pontoon boat is a great way to make that happen. Since pontoons disturb the water less than a U hull, they tend to spook fish less, making getting that strike just a little bit easier.

Where to Rent Pontoon Boats

Renting a pontoon boat can be the difference between a comfortable, fun day and a scary, hectic charter. The type of boat you choose depends on your family and your needs. Whatever you have in mind, contact one of the following companies and they’ll make sure to make your day a success. Contact them at your convenience to schedule your outing!

FantaSea Motorboat Rentals

Ocean Isle Fishing Center

Carolina Beach Pontoon Rental

Carolina Watersports of Oak Island

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