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Welcome to Holden Beach. We hope you have an exciting and relaxing vacation. Please take time to review all of this very important information.

Checking In After Hours: 

If you pick up your packet and keys after hours, you will not need to check-in with our office unless there is a note attached to your check-in packet stating so. If you have one of these notes, please stop by our office the following morning.

When You Arrive: 

Please call our office immediately if you discover any cleaning, maintenance or equipment problem that we need to help resolve. We will make every effort to correct any problem as soon as possible. Please call (910) 842-6061.

Air Conditioners:

During the summer months, the A/C should be set at 72 degrees. Setting the thermostat lower will not make the unit cool any quicker. In fact, it will only cause the unit to freeze up, which will require the unit to be shut down for 4-6 hours. On check-in day, it will take approximately 12-24 hours for the unit to cool the cottage. Try to keep all doors and windows closed when the unit is on. If there is no power to the air conditioner, please check the breaker box. If you have followed all of these instructions and you are still experiencing problems, please call our office and give us complete details as to what the problem is. We will arrange for repairs. Please give us your name, phone number, and the address of where you are located. However, if a service technician is called and no problem is found, the tenant will be responsible for paying a service call fee.


Please leave the temperature setting in the refrigerator/freezer on MEDIUM. If you turn these controls to the maximum, the coils will accumulate frozen condensation that will restrict airflow. After being filled with warm food the refrigerator could take up to 24 hours to reach its proper temperature. If in the first 24 hours, it does not seem to cool, please remove any cans or bottles that are non-perishable and keep door closed for at least 24 hours. If there is a power failure, please check the breaker box if the refrigerator does not come on when the power is restored.

Hot Tubs/Jacuzzis: 

Upon arrival, your spa should be clean and chemically balanced. It may not be as hot as you like, as it has been serviced that day – But it will warm up. The spa is serviced on Saturday’s and Tuesday’s. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO HELP KEEP IT CLEAN FOR YOUR STAY.

* Please follow the individual instructions that are posted, as well as the following rules:

1) NEVER overcrowd: This causes the blower to short out.

2) Always remove all sand and suntan oil before entering.

3) NEVER leave children unattended. Even for a moment!

4) Please keep all toys out of the spa.

5) The spa should not be filled beyond half way of the skimmer.

6) The spa is set to filter automatically four (4) times a day.

7) Spa has a 20 minute timer. This is the recommended time for each and every use.

8) Replace the cover when it is not in use to retain heat and to keep the equipment clean.

9) If you require a cleaning service other than the days that are listed above, it will be the tenants financial responsibility. Please do not hesitate to call Alan Holden Vacations if you have any problems.

Elevators: How to operate a Residential Elevator 

In order for a residential elevator to operate properly, the "gate” (inside the elevator) and all exterior doors must be firmly closed.

1) Make certain ALL of the exterior doors of the elevator on ALL levels of the house are closed.

2) Make certain the gate inside the elevator is firmly closed

To ENTER the elevator: 

Push the button outside the elevator and wait for the elevator to arrive. Open the exterior door and then the gate to enter the elevator. Close the exterior door and the gate completely and securely. Press a button for the desired floor. 

To EXIT the elevator: 

Open the gate and then the exterior door and exit. Close both the gate and the exterior door completely in order for the elevator to operate at another level of the house. 

CAUTION: 1) Children under 12 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult when inside the elevator. 2) Never press buttons while the elevator is in motion. 3) Use the telephone in the elevator ONLY in case of an elevator emergency.

*** In the event of a hurricane or evacuation from the island, PLEASE call the elevator to the TOP FLOOR. This will allow the elevator to stay away from high water or flooding that may possibly occur.

Emergency After-Hours Procedures:

If you arrive after business hours and find that your key packet(s) are not in the box, or if you have a true emergency, please call the office number (910) 842-6061. When the voice mail answers, listen and follows the instructions. The voice mail system will call one of the staff members who will get back in touch with you shortly. This system is in place from 5pm to 10:30pm ONLY. (If it’s after 10:30 pm, please call the Holden Beach Police Department by dialing 911). You must leave your name, phone number, and the address where you are staying. An Alan Holden employee will return your call as soon as possible. ** If you need immediate assistance, please call the Holden Beach Police Department at 911.

Garbage Pickup: 

During the months of June-October, trash pickup is twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday). For the months of November-May, trash pickup is only once a week on Tuesday’s. You will need to roll out the container to the street no later than 6am the morning of your collection day. You may roll the container out the night before if you wish. Any trash not in the container will not be picked up.

Preparing to Leave:

We certainly hope you enjoy your stay and we welcome you back next year. Please check out of your cottage by 10:00 am.

Clean up…

There will be other friends coming in after you depart. We ask that you do the following things to help insure that their vacation will get off to a good start.

1) Empty all trash cans and remove trash from areas inside & outside of the house.

2) Remove all perishable food items from the refrigerator and freezer.

3). Wash and put away all dishes, pots, pans, cups and silverware to their proper place.

4). Ensure the unit receives reasonable cleaning during your vacation such as vacuuming, sweeping, etc.

5). Leave furniture and other contents in their original location and condition.

6). Please be sure to close and lock all windows and doors when you leave due to unexpected thunderstorms. Helping conserve energy helps keep rental rates from increasing.

7). When departing during PRIME SEASON), please leave the A/C set at 72 degrees. When departing during other seasons, please call our maintenance office for the recommended setting. Our office number is (910) 842-6061.

Checking – Out: 

Check out time is no later than 10:00 am. There will be additional charges after 10:00 am. Check-outs should leave ALL keys at the Alan Holden Vacations rental office. Please do not leave the keys in the rental house. Non- returned keys will incur a non- refundable $10.00 per key fee. Please call us at (910) 842-6061 or (800) 720-2200 if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful and safe vacation!

Thank you for choosing Alan Holden Vacations!